Learn about The Law of Attraction

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I learned about the Law of Attraction before. But I doubt it, a friend told me it made me no longer a muslim. So I only picked the part about positive thinking.

In May 2017, I was so sad, so I decided to use the Law of Attraction to visualize what I wanted. After I learned it... I got difficult test. I got flashback story that made me depression before. I could not afford a psychologist or psychiatrist, so I learned more and more about the Law of Attraction.

Then I found out... oh... if I can have strong vibration I can attract what I want in my life. A partner like what I want, money when I need. Need practice to have strong vibration. We can have strong vibration if we can feel peace, grateful, enjoy life, and other positive things.

If we are angry, upset, do something negative... the vibration is low. Including cheating, lying, hurt people.... It's not easy to be positive always... people steal our money, lie, attack us... only people with big heart can face it wisely.

I try to be positive always... but sometimes fail.... I will try again and again. Forgive people, help people...
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