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When I read a story about scammer's victim, I felt that story similar with my life. I went back to my hometown in 2009, with nothing. I had no money, no car, no house, and all my children lived with their father. Scammers from Nigeria or Ghana, could make someone sold his/her house, said borrow their money then paid it back with lots of money. Sometimes the scammers made double hits, not only money also with deep feeling, that scammers were called romance scammer. The victim thought the scammer was his/her lover.

I was jobless, and I felt so empty. I did not remember so clearly what happened before 2009. I tried to write  story about me before 2009, very shocked when remember, but I felt it was not me. I forgot the feeling how to be a mother, a wife, and what happened when I lived in another town.

I started new life again in my hometown. Wrote on my blog to tell story about my flashback. Read Holy Qur'an. Then I understood that life was only test for human being. Can we become a generous person? Like helping others? Still optimistic when get big trouble. And spirituality can make we still have peace in our heart for any condition.

I have twin daughters  but I am not brave enough to meet them. His father, or my ex husband sent me many SMS he would pour hydrochloric acid into my face. I have plan to celebrate their birthday on orphanage next year, March 2013.

Here I am, a woman who try to survive. Not easy to find someone who can understand what I feel and what I think. Why most all my friend only think about fancy clothes and delicious food. They don't care about other feeling. And the criminals, who like to hurt for money. I live with my mom now, give my heart and soul to God...

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