E-mail from USA

I got e-mail from USA. Very amazing, I sent him my pic only my eyes, he could understand my character. I was blushed when read it.

Well... this is my pic and the e-mail...

Dear, Amazing personality. You have a very rough past but you enjoyed many things that you may not do now. You were in love maybe twice. When you were growing up something happened that is impacting you even now. You are highly expressive person in public as well as in private. Lately, it is becoming hard for people to change your views on certain things.

You have been struggling emotionally in the past and now physically in last few years. Great heart but unfortunately people do not see it and they have tough time understanding you. You do not have a third eye but you have learn so much in life to know who is fake and whose intentions are pure. However, in this process you go very extreme and sometime miss the real person behind the scene. How did i do?

Then this man said that I would not like him because he was flirt... hmmmm....
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  1. He only read your past, can he read behind the scene of your past?

  2. @Anonymous. At least he could surprised me, LOL.

    About behind the scene... well, I give my heart and soul to Allah. When I can click to a someone, can be my best friend or my lover.

    Now, I have some best friends from Jiddah, UK, Abu Dhabi, Pakistan... but sometimes they just disappear without saying goodbye.

    I love my life and strong willing to live. Always optimist, try to patient and thankful...

  3. mbak suka sekali chatting dgn orang2 luar negeri yah

    1. @ rio, nyari native speaker gretongan. Tapi yang terakhir ini bisa membaca pikiran... Mau liat sampe seberapa, hehehe...