Looking for a real believer

I am looking for muslims who are real believers not just muslims. I want to discuss about Islam with her or him. But that's not easy, especially when I try to chat with men online. They are easily to get angry when I don't reply their message soon.

A believer will not be angry easily, because of unlimited patience. Everytime a believer try hard to be patient, so  will not be angry only for small things.

A believer fears to Allah. So a believer try hard to be honest all the time.

A believer like helping others who needy. That's what we learn from Qur'an, not selfish.

A believer always be grateful.

A believer will pray five times everyday. Because a believer feels peace when pray.

A believer will do everything to please Allah, and because of Allah. Even very hard to do that.

So I met some muslims on internet who really angry with me because of small things. Like I did not reply his message soon. Or I did not want to open my cam. May be they thought I had to give men the best service, if not they would be angry.

Last time I met an atheist who told me he was a muslim. But when I told him I wanted to go to Egypt (after Jeddah, Mekkah and Medinah) because I wanted to see pyramid, he said "why do you believe about that shit". I knew, he was not a muslim, he was an atheist.

Well... so far I met a very nice lady from USA, her name was Julie. She was a catholic but religious, and had strong spiritual. We could discuss many things, especially about human right.

I don't write many articles in English... sorry if there are many mistakes here. Thank you...
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  1. Salam sahabat
    English version hehehe

  2. Hi
    Must be understand how to be great moslem i thinks is enough,r u agree???

  3. The problem is, you meet angry muslims more than the cheerful ones. :D