Unconditional love

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Everytime I meet a man, he tell me that he is patient, caring, understanding. But only under one condition, when he is happy. He become rude when unhappy.

And so many times, I am being blamed for something ridiculous. For example, a man told me "Because you didn't accept me to be your boyfriend, I slept with my neighbor, when her husband was not at home." (he lived in Dubai). Or a man from Libya "Because you don't want to open your cam, it's better for me to sleep with my maid, she is from Philippines".

Unconditional love is not easy to get, need big luck. Keep praying and be patient...

(Sweating when try to write in English)

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1 comment:

  1. Semua orang akan menegenali suara khas penjual siomay atau mi dokdok, hanya dengan mendengar suara tek-tek-tek atau dok-dok-dok. Suatu ketika ada suara:"tek-tek-tek...". Seorang anak berlari memanggil: "siomay bang...". Tapi setelah didekati ternyata: "ha ha ha, sory dory dik, gua cuma iseng-iseng mukul ni bambu".
    Dan kecewalah si anak yang lapeer...
    It's just a 'message' to my soul.