Which jannah?

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I don't write everything what is in my mind on Facebook. Everytime I meet someone new, they will always ask whether I'm married or not. I always said I'm single. Then I need to tell the whole story of why I'm single. It is a very long story and can make become like a very thick novel (lol) to start wit. My ex husband claimed himself being a holy saint (can you believe it?). I was stupid, the fact that I believed him at that time. He could read my mind and see my future at that time. He even promised that he could bring me to jannah.

Many weird things happened during my marriage day. He wasn't holy at all, he didn't want to go to mosque every friday. He had someone teach him about Islam in a wrong way...many muslims are taught in a wrong way, some muslims enjoy killing or torturing people.

Indonesia has the biggest muslim population in the world. Mostly men in Indonesia only like to date, they don't want to get married. Some men who already married offer me to be their girlfriend. I am an Indonesian, Javanese, but I'm afraid of Allah. So I choose to be single instead of going out with a man who is belong to someone else. In Indonesia its common for people to date each other. There are many couples on the street, but they doesn't really show affection openly in the public.

Even I'm still single, I believe Allah always give the best thing for me. I am grateful with just simple things. As long as I can eat and breathe, my life already is sooo wonderful. In Facebook you can set up the status to show whether you are single or not. In Facebook you can explain on status "single" or not.

Actually this is my problem, why men always get angry every time I discuss about Islam. Why muslim men always search for a sexy Ukraine woman to be their wife. Doesn't they know the Ukraine woman are only use as a translator and get money out of them? What if I say the best muslim women, is someone who practice Islam, doesn't wear sexy clothes and going to accompany their husband to jannah. Do I want to search as my partner? Yes... but its not easy to have relationship even only as friend. Even when discussing Islam make muslim men avoid me, I still have Allah. I believe that akhirah is a better place than in dunya...
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  1. No one can bring u to Jannah, except The Owner of Jannah.