Spiritual consciousness


"I am a blogger"
"What is a blogger?" 
"I create some blogs. I write articles"
"Is that important?"
"Do you know how many people in the world using Google for information?" 
"Is there anyone read your article?"
"I made research about indigo children, sixth sense, some people who want to know about it send me e-mail".
"Only about indigo?" 
"No... sometimes I write my experience... you can't believe that how many adult men so panic they need sex... in the office, they told me they got pain because their bla bla bla.... "
"Some of them told me how they act on bed with their partner, I didn't even ask. Well... this is internet life, you can be anyone you want, but actually not in the real life. I think this phenomenon is interesting, but as a muslim that's only for knowledge. I realized I have to take responsibility what I have done in this world... I want to survive in the dunya and akhirah, anyway"
"So you write about indigo and experience, what else?"
"Sometimes I write about spiritual too"
"What is spiritual?"
"Spiritual is a connection between God and human being"
"Why are there many religions in the world?"
"I don't wanna hurt my friends, but if in a muslim community I will tell you. I think all religion remind us to do good things like helping others and do not hurt others"
"Why are there good people and bad people?"
"Bad people enjoy to do something bad because their heart is sick. They can act like good people to take advantage but God knows they are only pretender"
"Do you believe in heaven and hell?"
"I had dream I went to heaven... Everyone who has pure heart deserve to go there. Everybody in heaven talk nicely, only happiness there, no hurt feeling at all"
"Do you want to describe about the hell?"
"No please, it makes me cry, may be later"
"So, how you learn about Islam?"
"I have some Islam teachers. I ask them when I get vision about life."
"What vision"
"It depends what I feel. When I was down because some friends hurt me, then I got vision someone gave me advise. Last time a man from Algeria really hurt me because I did something that I think not a big deal, but for him, I had made big mistake. Just ask a man from the same city if he knew him. Some people are very very hard to forgive. If you learn Islam, you have to forgive always, even hard"
"Are you sure that advise good for you not come from bad jinns?"
"I read Qur'an and hadeeth to check and recheck"
"What do you think about jinns?"
"There are good jinns and bad jinns just like human beings"
"Can you contact that things?"
"I don't want to contact any jinns, good jinns will not disturb human beings, they have their own world"
"Do you have any experience with jinns?"
"My ex were tranced several times, there were many jinns inside his body. But after he got conscious, he said he was in a good place. I was scared to death... Few weeks later I ranaway from him"
"Are you still scared now?"
"Not anymore, I have many indigo friends now, they can see jinns. As a muslim with strong faith we should not afraid with jinns"
"Is there anyone who say that you are weird"
"Yes, sure. Not only me. Almost anyone who can hear or see anything that not everybody can hear and see, people around them say they are weird"
"So what you can hear" 
"I told you sometimes I could hear advise... it was hard time, made me confused first"
"Then what you do"
"I try to be a good muslim, really, but evil always try to make me down"
"Like what"
"People around me say I am weird, some good friends who were married men ask me to be their mistress. Bad things happened to me"
"Do you think you deserve get bad luck"
"I don't think I have bad luck all the time. Everytime anyone hurt me he or she take my sin. It makes me easier in akhirah"
"Are you tired, people around you do bad things to you"
"Sometimes, but my indigo friends support me always, they understand me"
"What makes you still survive with bad luck"
"That's not bad luck. I am still healthy, can breath, eat delicious food"
"So what make you still survive"
"I had a dream Eyoub gave me advise to have unlimited patience. Life is only temporary"
"Anytime you got bad things do you feel sad?"
"Sometimes, but when I think I can breath I thank Allah. I think Oxygen is very expensive, I can get it free" "What makes you happy"
"I feel happy when I can help others and support others. I am using my blog to write positive article"
"Do you think help others is enough?"
"There is a famous slogan in my country MIRACLE OF GIVING. When you give something then positive things will come to you. In one condition, because of Allah not for other reason"
"Who teach you about that"
"The universe teach me... Not because I want to go to heaven. But I can feel it. Deep down inside, God loves human beings, and want us to take care the world."
"Why human beings destroy this world?"
"Because some people are so greedy. They don't like to help, they want to steal"
"Do they realize they are bad?"
"They know about God, about religion, but they want to survive in the bad way. But I want survive in this world in a good way"
"What do you think about sex?"
"Sex is an intimate relationship, should be with feeling. But some couple do that with no strong feeling"
"Do you think sex is important in this life?"
"Sex with feeling can make fly... That's really something for anyone who know it. Anyone have their own style. A selfish man will treat his partner badly. Only a kindhearted and patient man will treat his partner nicely"
"What makes different treatment?"
"A kindhearted man want make his partner satisfaction, meanwhile a selfish man only want to spread sperm, don't want think his partner's feeling"
"What makes a man have a good heart and bad heart?"
"It relates to his parents, family, friends, environtment, education. But a man with a strong and big heart will search how to feel comfortable with giving the best to their partner"
"Have you find a man with a strong and big heart"
"Some men around me, they have a strong and big heart. But for my serious partner not yet. When a man approach me usually he only wants sex"
"Do you think life is difficult?"
"I think to know and talk about the theory is easy, but to practice is difficult. Because I have mission to tell on my blog as human beings we have to help others, not hurt others' feeling, evil whisper to people around me to make me down. But this is life. White warriors versus darkness until the end of time"
"Do you think you are good enough as a muslim?"
"Not yet, sometimes I still can be so angry. I try to be very patient but people around me more and more corner me to bad situation"
"It's confusing, in bad situation but still thank Allah. Should we just be patient?"
"Everybody will take their responsibility for every single thing. We only try to do positive thing, remind good things to others. Do not be influenced by bad things."
"So why we have to do positive things always"
"To purify our heart. Only pure heart deserve to heaven"
"So, as a muslim we want to go to the heaven"
"Yes, sure. But if we are in the higher level of consciousness we try to please Allah. Some people say fear to Allah. Well, precisely to please Allah"
"Why to please Allah if we don't feel happy"
"In the level you love Allah and Muhammad PBUH, you will feel peace"
"So, how to feel peace by in love with Allah and Muhammad PBUH"
"That's when we are in the level consciousness about spiritual. Not everybody can reach this level. Pure heart will easier to reach this level. Feel peace everytime, do the good things everytime. "
"Do you think you are in this level"
"Not yet, but I am trying. And I am looking for a man for my partner with spiritual consciousness is not easy."
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  1. In the level of a conversation between two people who never meet offline each other, this conversation is too deep and it is able to tend for misunderstanding which can lead the relationship fails to progress.

  2. Well... yes, there was misunderstanding with someone. But it's okay, I am still alive anyway. He left me for ridiculous reason after so deeply conversation.

    C'est la vie...