I write this from Pare, East Java Indonesia

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Because I had long day off after my students got their report this semester, I decided  to go to Pare, East Java. Just very curious about this "kampung Inggris".

I asked for intermediate level, but I got informed that for 2 weeks program there was only basic level. I agreed with that, at least I could write my experience durimg in Pare. I  plan to visit my aunt in Tulung Agung, after my program is finished.

Mostly the students here are very young, compare with me of course.. yes, I miss Yogyakarta already, my laptop (I don't bring my laptop, only my 7 inches tablet), wi fi (so far I get weak internet connection from Indosat). But try to be survive... as a human being,  I try to adapt in every situation.

My room is very simple here. I surveyed for some better rooms yesterday, but then decided to stay in the room provided by the English course I had registered.

I know that my English ability is not good enough. But so far my pen pals can understand me. I have some pen pals, actually I don't use mail with stamp anymore, but Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, Whats App, G Talk.

I have chatted with some friends from many countries... but only very few of them still contact me till now. I have a friend who lives in Colorado USA, Australia, Jeddah, India Algeria (he insist me to watch World Cup when his country team play the football game).

It's very unique when I stay in Pare during Ramadhan, we recite Al qur'an every morning and after Maghrib prayer.

If Allah wills, I plan to meet my pen pal this year. I met one in Makkah, my pen pal who lived in Jeddah. He treated me Biriyani Rice in Zam Zam Tower or Clock Tower in front of Masjid Al Haram.

I hope I can write another unforgettable nice experience when I can meet my pen pals. This is a beautiful world. Allah will give us solution surprisingly...
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