Be positive and positive things will happen

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One of my best friend told me that "Think positive, be positive, and positive things will happen". I believe that. It's easy to say, but difficult to practice.

When one of my best friend owed me some money. After more than 10 years, he said to me that he would paid more but I had to be his mistress. It broke my heart. At first I wanted to say to him "Go to hell", but then I decided to pray for him. I prayed for him, hoped Allah show him the right way. 

A man I met on Facebook told me that he was in love with me. After reading Qur'an he thought about me. He promised me many things, like he would come to my place, helped me to visit his place, took care of me, etc, etc. Then I met another man from his country I asked about him "Do you know xxx, he lives in the same city with you". 

This man who said he loved me become furious. What I thought about him... his love was fake, and he owed me many promises. He canceled all because of a small thing, I thought it was not important but he thought it made his life in danger... may be, I was not sure. Only asked a man about him, then he was in danger, could be he was a spy so when I asked a man in the same city with him could make him in big trouble.

At first I wanted to say "Go to hell". But then I tried to ask forgiveness, and prayed for him, God would show him the right way.

Life is full of negative things . But I try hard to be stay positive. Still trying, sometimes fail, but get up again. 

As a muslim, I am trying not only to have positive attitude, but also I am trying to purify my heart. Have a strong and big heart. Life is only temporary. Life is very short. We will bring nothing when die. Only pure heart will bring us to the heaven....
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