Learn English in Pare, East Java Indonesia

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I plan to learn English in Pare, East Java Indonesia. I will go to Pare in Ramadhan this year. I want I can write in English better.

Sometimes I want to tell my story about how my heart had broken many times. I know, as a real muslim I must have unlimited patience. Not because I want to go to heaven, but because I love Allah. I am trying...

In fact, I had written how my heart broke. When my ex took my daughters without my permission, I only met them twice since 2009 until now. I created blog about them. I will post article when I visit them or send them something. My ex and his family are really really difficult. We have different perception how to go to heaven. I follow Qur'an and sunnah, but they follow family tradition, like mantra from spiritual teacher which I believe use jinns' help.

My heart had broken so many times. Anyone who broke my heart didn't realize it. They had reasons, okay, but it was riduculous for me. Some stories I can not write on this blog... my best friend in Algeria reminded me, I should tell my sadness only to Allah.

I met a new friend in USA, he told me that he was in a process to purify his heart. He said that he respected to me... but he was too far, so I only could say to him "please remember me in your du'a, so I can be strong and patient always".

May be this is out of topic. I will wear "kebaya" with "batik" as traditional Java costume on April 17th this year. I need loose powder and lipstick,  because I don't have... :D. Everyday I use BB cream and lip balm. I am obsessed with herbals not cosmetics. So I did some research for recommended cosmetics. I got Marcks for loose powder and I got "Wardah" (halal cosmetics) for lipstick. I choose recommended cosmetics with affordable price. Marcks loose powder is very cheap but good enough, because one of the ingredients is starch, and there is no paraben. But there is paraben on Venus Marcks compact powder.

Should I write my article when I wear kebaya? Ahahaha... then I become beauty blogger review about Marcks loose powder. I like to write about jogging, herbals, but I don't know how to review about cosmetics. If you click on the picture below, you will go to my review about herbals, but in bahasa Indonesia... http://ratnawatiutami.blogspot.com/2014/04/macam-macam-herbal-untuk-kulit-dan.html

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  1. Learn Boso Jowo in Java, Learn English in Pare. At this time English learn Qur'an.